Dupont Circle has long been home to civic-minded organizations and nonprofits that enrich the lives of its residents and small businesses.


Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets

The mission of Historic Dupont Main Streets is to promote and plan the improvements of the cultural, physical, and economic qualities of Dupont Circle, and maintain those improvements, to make the neighborhood an exemplary place to live, work, and play.


Dupont Circle Citizens Association

Founded in 1922 in a townhouse at 1767 P Street, to promote and protect the interests of the residents, the Dupont Circle Citizens Association is the premier civic and residential organization in the Dupont Circle area.


Dupont Circle Village

Villages support successful aging in communities. Dupont Circle Village is growing a network of neighbors helping neighbors to live productive and active lifestyles for a lifetime.



The Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) is the elected, grassroots representatives for the Dupont Circle neighborhood.


Dupont Festival

Dupont Festival presents year-round arts and cultural programming. This nonprofit seeks to positively impact the social and physical character of Washington, DC’s arts and cultural scene.


Dupont Underground

The Dupont Underground is a 501(c)(3) cultural organization committed to developing a multidisciplinary platform for creative expression in the subterranean streetcar station in Dupont Circle.


Dupont Circle Conservancy

The Dupont Circle Conservancy, formed in 1978, is an all-volunteer membership-based nonprofit educational organization. Its mission is to promote preservation of the historic and architectural character of the Dupont Circle Historic District and nearby areas.


FRESHFARM Dupont Circle Market

Started in 1997, this year-round market has been named one of the top farmers markets in the country. During peak season, more than 50 vendors offer delectable fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, spirits and beers, flowers and more.


Charlie’s Place

Charlie’s Place was founded in 1990 as a non-denominational, anti-hunger, homeless ministry, and has served homeless neighbors in Dupont Circle for 28 years. The organization provides daily meals and a host of services, including art therapy, haircuts, case management, clothing distribution and a licensed clinical nurse practitioner. Charlie’s Place is an outreach arm of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. What began as a group of socially concerned parishioners has now expanded to a weeklong program, employing four staff members, that prides itself on its reputation for providing a safe, reliable and welcoming environment.

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