Dupont Plaza

In partnership with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and neighborhood stakeholders, the Dupont Circle BID is spearheading a transformative project that will enhance the vitality, economic opportunities, and quality of life for local businesses, residents and visitors. The Dupont Plaza and Streetscape project will harness public investment to provide a flexible and welcoming public space as well as an enjoyable, refreshed streetscape.

The “Dupont Plaza” will be built on a new deck or platform above Connecticut Avenue, NW from north of the circle to Q Street, NW. The plaza will provide a flexible and welcoming public space for everyday activities, special events, and gatherings such as markets, movies, performances, and art and cultural events. The Streetscape project will address the sidewalks from curb to building front along the Connecticut Avenue, NW corridor from the north side of Dupont Circle to California Avenue, NW. The Streetscape project will beautify the corridor with new light poles, tree boxes and benches, plus new sustainable stormwater management features.

This project is currently in the early design phase with an estimated completed date in 2023 or beyond. The Dupont Circle BID will work with DDOT and the ANC to keep stakeholders informed about community meetings and public input forums.