Brick Lane Restaurant

1636 17th St NW


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Name/Phone Type Location
Across the Pond
1732 Connecticut Avenue NW
1527 17th St NW
Al Tiramisu
2014 P Street NW
Alberto's Pizza
2010 P Street NW Lower level
Alero Mexican Cuisine
1724 Connecticut Avenue NW
1320 19th St NW,
Annie's Paramount Steak House
1609 17th St NW
Asia 54
2122 P Street NW
Bagels Etc.
2122 P Street NW
Banana Leaves
2020 Florida Avenue NW
Bangkok Thai Dining
2016 P Street NW Basement
Bare Burger
1647 Connecticut Avenue NW
Beacon Bar & Grill
1615 Rhode Island Ave NW
1518 Connecticut Avenue NW
Bento Sushi
1701 Corcoran St NW,
Bethesda Bagel
1718 Connecticut Avenue NW
BGR: The Burger Joint
1514 Connecticut Avenue NW
1516 Connecticut Avenue NW
Bier Baron
1523 22nd Street, NW
Bistro Bistro
1727 Connecticut Avenue NW
Bistrot du Coin
1738 Connecticut Avenue NW
Board Room
1737 Connecticut Avenue NW
Bua Thai Restaurant And Bar
1633 P St NW,
Buca di Beppo
1825 Connecticut Avenue NW 2nd Floor
Buffalo Billiards
1330 19th St NW
1213 Connecticut Ave NW
Cafe Citron
1343 Connecticut Ave NW,
Café Dupont
1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Café Nero - Coming Soon
1323 Connecticut Ave NW
1629 Connecticut Avenue NW
Chopt Creative Salad Co
1300 Connecticut Ave NW
City Lights of China
1731 Connecticut Avenue NW Basement
Cosmic Juice
1330 19th St NW,
Darlington House Restaurant
1610 20th Street NW
DC Café
2035 P Street NW
Dirty Martini
1223 Connecticut Ave NW
Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato
1704 Connecticut Avenue NW
Duke's Grocery
1513 17th St NW
Dupont Italian Kitchen
1637 17th St NW
Dupont Pizza
2004 P Street NW
2032 P Street NW 2nd Floor
Esme Turkish Restaurant
2016 P Street NW
Filomina Dupont Circle BID
2100 Massachusetts Ave NW,
Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar
1726 20th Street NW
1310 New Hampshire Ave NW
Firehook Bakery & Coffeehouse
1909 Q Street NW
2161 P Street NW
Flippin Pizza
1745 Connecticut Avenue NW
1602 17th St NW
1629 Connecticut Avenue NW 2nd Floor
1734 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Hank's Oyster Bar
1624 Q St NW
Icy Code
2029 P Street NW Basement
India Gate
2020 P Street NW
Iron Gate
1734 N St NW
James Hoban's Irish Restaurant
1 Dupont Circle NW
Julia's Empanadas
1221 Connecticut Ave NW
1509 17th Street NW
Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café
1517 Connecticut Avenue NW
Krispy Kreme
1350 Connecticut Ave NW
La Tomate
1701 Connecticut Ave NW
La Tomate Italian Bistro
1701 Connecticut Avenue NW
Larry's Ice Cream
1633 Connecticut Avenue NW Basement
Le Mirch
1736 Connecticut Avenue NW
Le Pain Quotidien
2001 P Street NW
2120 P Street NW
Little Serow
1511 17th St NW
Luna Grill
1301 Connecticut Ave NW
Maddy's Bar & Grille
1726 Connecticut Avenue NW
1319 Connecticut Ave NW
1714 Connecticut Avenue NW
Magnolia Kitchen & Bar
1601 Connecticut Ave NW
Malbec Restaurant
2433, 1633 17th St NW,
Marrakesh Palace
2147 P Street NW
McClellans Retreat
2031 Florida Avenue NW
1619 17th St NW
Mikko Nordic Fine Food
6440, 1636 R St NW, Washington
Mission Dupont
1606 20th Street NW
Moby Dick House of Kabob
1300 Connecticut Ave NW
Mr. Yogato
1515 17th St NW
Nazca Mochica
1633 P St NW,
New Dynasty
2020 P Street NW Basement
2029 P Street NW 2nd Floor
Odeon Café
1714 Connecticut Ave NW
1329 Connecticut Ave NW
Panas Empanadas
2029 P Street, NW
Panas Gourmet
2029 P St NW
Panera Bread
1350 Connecticut Ave NW
Pasha Lounge
2147 P Street NW
Pesce Bistro
2002 P Street NW
Philz Coffee
1350 Connecticut Ave NW
Pizzeria Paradiso
2003 P Street NW 2nd Floor
Prego Again - The Little Deli
1617 17th St NW
1900 Q Street NW
1219 Connecticut Ave NW
Roadside Deli Projects LLC,
1317 Connecticut Ave NW
Rosebar Lounge
1215 Connecticut Ave NW
Royal Palace
1805 Connecticut Avenue NW
Russia House
1800 Connecticut Avenue NW
Ruth's Chris Steak House
1801 Connecticut Avenue NW
Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs & Wrap
1704 R St NW,
Sakana Japanese Restaurant
2026 P Street NW
Saxby Coffee
1303 19th St NW
Scion Restaurant
2100 P Street NW
Sette Osteria
1666 Connecticut Avenue NW
Silky Smooth
1633 Connecticut Avenue NW
SoHo Café & Market
1825 Connecticut Avenue NW
Soho Tea & Coffee
2150 P Street NW
1301 Connecticut Ave NW
Starbucks Coffee
1501 Connecticut Avenue NW
Starbucks Coffee
1700 Connecticut Avenue NW
Starbucks Coffee
2103 P Street NW 1st and 2nd Floor
Station Kitchen & Cocktails at The Embassy Row Hotel
1011, 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW
Steam Cafe & Pizzeria
1700 17th St NW
Steptoe Cafe
1330 Connecticut Ave NW
2010 P Street NW
1613 17th St NW
1605 Connecticut Avenue NW
Super Pollo
1327 Connecticut Ave NW
Sushi Taro
1503 17th St NW
Sweet Green
1512 Connecticut Avenue NW
Tabard Inn Restaurant
1739 N St NW
Teaism Dupont Circle
2009 R Street NW
Thai and Pho Bistro
2153 P Street NW
Thai Chef
1712 Connecticut Avenue NW
2011 S Street N
The Big Hunt
1345 Connecticut Ave NW
The Caged Bird
1723 Connecticut Ave NW
The Caged Bird
1723 Connecticut Avenue NW
The Fox and Hounds Lounge
1533 17th St NW
The Front Page
1333 New Hampshire Ave NW
The Gryphon
1337 Connecticut Ave NW
The Halal Guys
1331 Connecticut Ave NW
The Lucky Bar
1221 Connecticut Ave
The Riggsby
1732 New Hampshire Ave NW
Trio Bistro
1537 17th St NW
Triple B Fresh
1506 19th St NW
Un Je nu sais Quoi Pastisserie Francaise
1361 Connecticut Ave NW
2121 P Street NW Basement
Z Burger
2157 P Street NW
Zorba's Café
1612 20th St NW
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