Butter Chicken Company (New!)

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Washington, DC 20036
(202) 735-5950

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Fresh Butter Chicken served daily until we run out! Please call to inquire about the status if after 1:00 PM. Indian butter chicken or, murgh makhani is a recipe that is far from set in stone. Supposedly it was created in a restaurant in Delhi by a cook in search for a use for leftover tandoori chicken. He simmered the spiced chicken pieces in a creamy, tomato curry sauce with a little butter and thus, better chicken was born. Or at least, so the story goes. India's most popular culinary export (second only to chicken tikka masala) butter chicken recipes come in many shapes and forms. But, they all result in a tomato-red, mild, creamy curry-like sauce just begging to be served with a steaming bowl of basmati rice and warm naan.

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