Triple B Fresh

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1506 19th Street NW View on Google Maps
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 232-2338

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Triple B Fresh is a Korean restaurant in Washington, D.C., specializing in Bibimbap and other popular Korean dishes. Our signature dish, the Bibimbap, is a vegetable oriented meal-in-a-bowl accompanied by protein toppings of your choice.  In addition, we serve popular on-the-go foods such as Kimbap and Dukkpokki.  We not only introduce the most popular foods of Korea, but go to another level to introduce the healthiest options to our patrons.

The restaurant was established with the concept of bringing together traditional sit down Korean food restaurant concept and most popular street foods in Korea in a fast-pace setting.  Our ingredients are displayed for you to view and chose on the spot, building your very own bowls.

Our Goal:

To deliver fresh, healthy and great tasting dishes.  We offer over 30 different varieties of vegetables a customer can chose from.  All our vegetables are freshly made everyday for display and consumption.  Our restaurant is void of one equipment common in most restaurants–the deep fryer.

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