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Cherry Blossom Specials in Dupont Circle

Category: Neighborhood Spotlight

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom! Celebrate cherry blossom season with these festive specials at Dupont Circle BID businesses.


Across the Pond Restaurant & Pub

Across the Pond Cherry Blossom Special
Across the Pond's new 'Cherry Limeade'. Photo courtesy of Across the Pond

Across the Pond’s new Cherry Blossom Limeade recipe is a must-have. It pairs perfectly with almost everything on their menu (Fish and Chips, Wings, Chicken Fingers, Cheese Fries, and so much more!) Plus, they recently installed a TV on the back patio, and have a parklet for those who are looking for outdoor dining.

Across the Pond


Valley Brook Tea

Valley Brook Tea Cherry Blossom Special
Valley Brook Tea's 'Cherry Blossom Bag'. Photo courtesy of Valley Brook Tea.

Celebrate this spring with Valley Brook Tea’s Cherry Blossom Bag! We’re proud to have an authentic Chinese tea shop in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. If you’re looking for a seasonal gift, or to learn more about the art of tea making, Valley Brook Tea is the perfect place to swing by. 

What’s inside:

  • Loose Leaf Tea × 3
  • Cherry Blossom Bookmark × 1
  • Lucky Cat Tea Jar × 1
  • Cherry Blossom Tea Cup × 1 
  • Cherry Blossom Fan × 1
  • Cherry Blossom Spoon × 1

Valley Brook Tea



Zeleno Cherry Blossom Special
Zeleno's 'Cherry Blossom Latte' Photo courtesy of Zeleno on Instagram.

Who’s excited for the cherry blossoms to bloom? While we wait, come enjoy one of Zeleno’s seasonal cherry blossom specials, like this cherry blossom latte. They’ve also got cherry blossom bowls too! You won’t want to miss these seasonal specials.



Shop Made in DC Dupont

SMIDC Cherry Blossom Special
Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Capital Candy Jar. Photo courtesy of Shop Made in DC on Instagram.

March showers bring more Spring flowers? It’s D.C.’s favorite season, and Shop Made in DC Dupont has plenty of cherry-blossom themed gifts to send to family or friends!

Shop Made in DC


Deluca Massage & Bodywork

Deluca Massage Cherry Blossom Special
Photo courtesy of Deluca Massage & Bodywork on Instagram.

In honor of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Deluca Massage is offering a Cherry Blossom Special! After a day of walking around to see the cherry blossoms, a massage and a foot massage from Deluca is the perfect way to end your day:

  • 60 min Swedish Massage - $90.00
  • 60 min Deep Tissue Massage - $100.00

Don't wait! Click below to schedule today. Valid through 04/30/2021.

Deluca Massage and Bodywork


Del Sur Cafe

Del Sur Cafe Cherry Blossom Special
Photo courtesy of Del Sur Cafe on Instagram.

Living on the sweet side! Come try Del Sur Cafe's newest Spring cocktails: a black cherry and peach white sangria and the Del Sur Blossom a vodka-based drink with Cherry Brandy, Pratt Standar Syrup, and Club Soda.

Del Sur Cafe