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In Celebration of Spa Logic's 10 Year Anniversary, Owner Kathy Luu Shares Her Story

Category: Neighborhood Spotlight

In May 2012, Kathy Luu’s dream of owning her own nail salon became a reality when she opened Spa Logic in the basement of 1721 Connecticut Ave NW.

Beginning at 10 years old, Luu helped her mom run her own business in Vietnam. After school and during summer breaks, she would collect payments from vendors, deliver merchandise, and manage the store’s bookkeeping.

After spending five years in a refugee camp in Hong Kong, Luu immigrated to the United States in 1995. Once she arrived in the US, she started working in factories and restaurants while attending school to become a nail technician. Upon graduating nail school, Luu worked in several nail salons, while dreaming of opening her own business.

“I didn’t come to this country empty-handed, I brought a recipe, work ethic, and the gift of talent,” says Luu. “I am blessed and truly an American dream entrepreneur.”

Luu also sees giving back to her community as a vital part of the work she does in Dupont Circle. In particular, she believes in the importance of empowering women and helping other immigrants achieve their own American dream. According to her friend, Nicki Jagpal, Luu not only challenges herself and builds upon her own skill set, she also works to help cultivate the skills of her staff, many of whom are also refugees.

“So not only is she a successful businesswoman, she’s looking for opportunities to give back and to raise up women through her work every single day,” Sonya Gavankar, Miss District of Columbia, 1997.

10 years later, she has expanded to the entire building. In addition to nails and hair, Spa Logic now offers waxing, facials, massages, body scrub, permanent makeup, spray tanning, and more!

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